Marin County Population Marks Growth in 2007

According to Marin Independent Journal (Marin IJ), the populaton in Marin Country grew by 2,326 in 2007, almost a 1% growth, the largest jump in 4 years.

Marin population grew from 255,080 to 257,406; a 0.9% growth from 01/01/2007 to 12/31/2007; which is in line with those of the state of California, which measures growth from 07/01/2006 thrun 06/30/2007.

Mill Valley had the largest growth percent wise at 1.1%, or 154 residents; San Rafael, on the contrary, saw the smallest growth of 0.7% or 392 residents.

Property type wise, Novato has the most single-family detached homes, at 12, 196; and the largest number of mobile homes at 718. San Rafael has the largest number o multi-unit apartments, at 2,070. Ross has the laragest number of people per household, with 2.97; while Sausalito hasthe smallest, at 1.74.

The largest city in Marin county is San Rafael, with 58,235 residents, followed by Novato, at 52,737. The smallest city in Marin is Belvedere, 2,161.

California’s population grew by 1.3% t 38 million with 490,000 new residents in 2007. One out of eight Americans now lives in California (12.5%).

San Francisco grew a whole 1.5% during 2007. The new population is 824,525 on 12/31/2007.

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