200 San Marin Dr. Novato, Pre Construction Meeting

200 San Marin Drive Drawing by Catlin Properties

As a San Marin Improvement Association’s member, I went to the preconstruction meeting for 200 San Marin Drive Project today. 

200 San Marin Drive is now a the vacant lot situated at the south east corner of San Marin Drive and San Andreas Drive.  Designated as a gas station, it will now be a single story, 6,700sf. medical building planned for four medical or dental offices serving local community.

Others present were two San Andreas HOA members, Chip Fuller, Vice President of Catlin Properties, owner of 200 San Marin Drive and Aton Seikowitz of Selkowitz & CO., Inc. General Contractors.  

The plan is to start construction as soon as possible, either the week of July 28th or August 4th.  The entire project is expected to be around 7 months long, with the first phase having the most impact on the neighborhood.  The crew will be working between 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.   

The first phase, which is expected to last 6-8 weeks, can produce the most noise and dust.  This phase includes building a six foot fence at the rear, leveling the field (where the entire ground will be at midpoint of the current elevation), digging and laying pipes for water and sewage, drainage filtration system, paving the road ,…,etc. 

Dust control is a major concern, and the crew will be keeping the ground wet and dust to the minimum.  The crew will also be trimming some of the trees which overhang the site, where permission will be obtained from the county (for the Oak tree) and the neighboring owners.

A temporary chain link type of fence will be erected to protect the premises and pedestrians.

The rest of the project will be of less impact to the neighborhood, where they will be working on the building itself.  The owner would like to have the lot surface prepared and paved before raining season so as to minimize soil run off to the street.

The last two months is expected to be all internal work with minimum distruption to the neighborhood.

Anton and Chip provided us with their contact information and encouraged neighbors to contact them shall there be any concern during the construction phase.

The above is my understanding after the meeting today.  I welcome comments and corrections. 

Green Building Components:

Per Catlin Website.  200 San Marin Drive will incorporate the following “Green Building” Components:

Plumbing for solar panels,and reuse of gray water
Filterra storm water treatment systems
Satellite weather controlled drip irrigation
Native and drought tolerant landscaping
High efficiency HVAC systems
Low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants
No added-urea formaldehyde for all composite wood products
CRI Green Label Plus carpets
Fluorescent lighting
Occupancy sensors in rest rooms
Dual flush and low flow fixtures
LED exit signs
Waste management system, recycling
Energy modeling and analysis reporting system


200 San Marin Drive Project by Catlin Properties

Novato Planning Commission Meeting Agenda March 17, 2008

200 San Marin Drive Medical Office Documents for Panning Commission 03/17/08 meeting

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