Novato Marin Real Estate Market Overview 08/19/09 – Sellers Market!!!

Partridge Knolls under Mt. Burdell

Partridge Knolls under Mt. Burdell

Can’t believe summer slips by so quickly!  I last posted Novato Statistics on April 1, 2009 and now is the later part of August.  Students are back in school and we are heading into fall.    

During the past four months, with housing prices dropped 20%-30% and certain condos at 50% drop (the ones with problementic HOAs), stimulus plan, attraction of the ‘up to $8,000 credit back’, interest rate staying low, regular sellers holding onto their properties unless they have to sell; the supply remains low and demand has heightened.  All these contribute a shift in the percentage of houses under contract, moving most price ranges into the ‘sellers’ market, meaning % of houses under contract is great than 40%.    

The only decrease in percent of pendings are the 700-800K range (inbetween starter homes and luxury homes) and the super luxury range (over $1.5M) in Novato.   

Novato, and for that matter, Marin county real estate are seeing an encouraging trend of more buyers are out looking for homes, and they are Serious and Anxious buyers.  Most are the traditional buyers with solid downpayments, steady jobs; some are seasoned investors, all cash buyers, some are first time investors, and many first time buyers are also taking advantage of the soft market, low housing prices; and not surprisingly, all are looking for that great bargains and many are getting them. 

% pending are also skewed by the many short sale homes that have been in contract for a long time while waiting for lenders approval, but what great bargains the buyers can get with time in hand and plenty of patience.  I often encourage my clients to look for short sales if they can wait, beats jumping back into that multiple offers situation with REO, bank owned homes.  All my buyers clients are getting the best deals now because both of us have the patience to strategize, look, wait and bargain for the best property to purchase.       

Contact me at (415) 717-0293 or at to discuss the market and the current trend, get familiar with the buying process, and start hunting for inventories on the market, whether REO, Trust Sale, start home, luxury homes.  Take time to see many homes so you know the right house when you see it!  It’s never too late to get ready.      I will be very happy to find the best house / investment property for you! 

It will be my pleasure to serve you!  Good Hunting!

category   Total Units/ In Escrow   % Active   % Pending % +/- since 04/01/09
All SFD’s and CID’s   350/164   53%   47% (S) +11%
SFD’s   248/106   57%   43% (S) +11%
CID’s   102/58   43%   57% (S) +13%
$0 -$500K SFD   47/36   23%   77% (S) +24%
$500,001-$600K   35/22   37%   63% (S) +20%
$600,001 – $700K   40/20   50%   50% (S) +13%
$700,001 – $800K   33/6   82%   18% (B) -7%
$800,001 – $999,999   39/10   74%   26% (N) +20%
$1M – $1.25M   23/7   70%   30% (N) +19%
$1.25M – $1.5M   14/5   64%   36% (N) +15%
$1.5M+   17/0   100%   0% (B) -20%
  • Buyer’s Market  < 25%
  • Neutral                25% – 40%
  • Seller’s Market   > 40%


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Novato Marin Schools in Session, Duke is Happy at Dogbone Dog Park

Novato public schools are back in session, and Duke, our beloved Laborator / Pointer mix is very happy that he gets to go to Dogbone Meadows Dog Park to see his best friend, Hunter, again.  Since Dogbone Dog Park is in the opposite direction of my house in Partridge Knolls, San Marin Area, to my work, Frank Howard Allen Realtors, Duke only gets to go there after I drop my younger son off at the local school which is just a block away from the park.  This means Duke has not been there for quite sometime 😦  

The park is very popular, lots of dogs and their humen go there to hang out with their buddies.  The place can get overwhelming for Duke and I late afternoons after work.  I love going there in the mornings where things are calm, and there are only a few familiar dogs and very responsible dog owners.  We enjoy seeing each other and catching up.  And Duke!  He is in heaven!  You can not find a happier dog (o.k. maybe the other dogs at Dogbone Dog Park).

See the following for info about the very premier Dogbone Dog Park, Duke and his best friend, Hunter!  I still need to take some pictures later in the day when the sky is blue and bright.

—————————————————————————————————————–Dogbone Meadows Dog Park in Novato, Marin County, located en route to Stafford Lake and West Marin, dogs often bring their people when they are on the way to the beaches.  The dog park is right accross from Novato Chase luxury homes, is probably the best dog park in Marin County, or maybe even California.  Due to the great location and the natural surroundings, there are talks of starting the first community garden in Novato next to the dog park. 

Built by dog loving volunteers (or shall we say, slaves of dogs), the property is around 1 acre, with tracks for dogs and human alike, toys and exercise stations (the hoops, loops, bridges, jumps, tubs, etc) for dogs only.  The volunteers planted trees for shade, put down benches and , water fountains, , porchesThe backdrop is Open Space, part ofO’Hare Park, great hiking, horseback riding trails.

This is a morning with unusual heavy fog from West Marin, a beautiful background for the dog park. 

Duke (black with white spots, rescued from 2nd Chance Rescue) and Hunter (Golden, dapper with his red bandana – he has a whole collection of those) love to come here in the morning – Duke, after dropping his brother off at local high school, and Hunter, after dragging his mom for his daily 2 hour walk and play (can’t say Hunter does not have a GREAT life, even Duke is envious of him!) – Hunter will chase the tennis ball and Duke will run along Hunter.

Makes Happy Dogs and Happy people when their dogs are tired the rest of, the day!   

It’s a foggy morning, but I thought it’s interesting, so I snapped the pictures.  


Duke and Hunter waiting for Hunter’s mom to throw the ball.

Time to chase the ball!

Duke’s best friend, Hunter, whose only passion is chasing the tennis ball!

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