Fannie Mae Suspends Foreclosure Sales Further, Major Lenders Follow Suit and How to Find Best Priced Homes in Marin County Now!

Fannie Mae announced a suspension of all foreclosure sales and evictions of occupied properties through March 6 in anticipation of the Administration’s national foreclosure prevention and loan modification program.

See Fannie Mae News Release and How to Find the Best Deals Now At the End of Article!

While Dow Jones Newswires reported that JPMorgan Chase, Citygroup, Bank of America and Wells Fargo have committed to temporary moratoriums (suspends) on foreclosures as the government works on a financial stability plan aimed at keeping people in their homes. 

The following are briefly what was announced by each lender –

JP Morgan Chase – New Owner-Occupied residential loans that are owned and serviced by JPMorgan Chase.  As with Fannie Mae, the moratoriums will remain in effect through March 6th.

Citigroup – All Citi-owned first mortgage loans that are principal residence and on loans for which understandings with investors have been reached.  Moratorium end date – March 12th.

Bank of America (also Countrywide) – Delay foreclosures sales on owner occupied properties whose mortgage loans are owned and serviced by BofA or Countrywide  – Through March 6th.

WellsFargo (also Wachovia) – For Loans it holds.  The moratorium is expected to remain in place until the government’s foreclosure prevention plan is announced.  The majority of WellsFargos mortgage loans are serviced by it and owned by other investors.  WellsFargo is working with their investors .. to determine how to support the moratorium request.

Most of the lenders plan to evaluate and extend their specific moratorium dates depending the progress made by government.

See complete articles Fannie Mae News Release:

Fannie Mae Suspends Foreclosure Sales Pending Administration Announcements

From CNN of Dow Jones Newswires – Bank Agree to Foreclosure Moratoriums

Hopefully the suspension of foreclosures and the government bail out plan (I will be posting blogs about the government bail out plan that affects home ownership soon) will allow at-risk home owners to keep their homes and stabilize the housing industry and general economy!    

How To Find the Best Deals Now?How to Find The Best Deal Now

Where should the buyers look when there is no or few REO (Bank Owned) properties on the market (which is already relatively low in Marin County)? 

Look at Well Priced Homes (many sellers have dropped price considerably due to the softening market, Short Sales ( yes, short sales require hard work, lots of patience but very rewarding).

The best way is to get an agent who is diligent and Knowledgable in looking for homes, not only Foreclosures, but Short Sales, Trustee Sales, Competitively Priced Homes; one who works hard, strong in negotiation, have YOUR BEST INTEREST in mind, not anxious to get you to sign on unless it’s right for you; one that is YOUR ADVOCATE, to help you find that perfect home – 

The Americacn Dream:

Perhaps one day when the economy is stronger, we can take a collective sign of relief and cheer for the stable economy, strong housing market and solid job market where all can have a stable job, good income and own their home and Fulfill their American Dream Once Again! 



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Fannie Mae Tightens Guidelines for Retaining Current Residence as 2nd Home or Investment Properties

In today’s Frank Howard Allen Office meeing, Andy Shine, mortgage broker with Residence Pacific Mortgage, discussed the new guideline by Fannie Mae, which will be effective on August 1. The guidelines affect loans for purchase a new home while retaining the current residence as 2nd home or investment porperty.

Might be time to buy the house you always wanted if you are sitting on the fence.

Here are the details:

Situation New Requirement
Current Principal residence is pending sale but the transacction will not be closed (with title transfer to a new owner) prior to the new transaction  Both the current and the proposed mortgage payments must be used to qualify the borrower forthe new transaction
Coversion to a Second Home – Both the current and the proposed mortgage payments must be used to qualify the borrower forthe new transaction, and- 6 months of PITI for BOTH properties is required to be in reserves.  Lender may consider reduced reserves of no less than 2 months for both properties if there is documented equity of at least 30 percent in the existing property
Conversion to an Investment Property Fannie Mae continues to permit up to 75% of rental income to be used to offset the mortgage if there is document equity of at least 30% in existing propertyThe rental income must be documented with:

– Copy of fully executed lease agreement

– Receipt of security deposit from tenant and into borrower’s account

If not meeting 30% equity requirement, rental income may not be used to offse the mortgage payment.

– Both the current and the proposed mortgage payments must be used to qualify the borrowers for the new transaction; and

– 6 months of PITI for BOTH properties is required to be in reserves.